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Earl Grey Gin Cocktail Kit

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Image of Earl Grey Gin Cocktail Kit
  • Image of Earl Grey Gin Cocktail Kit

Fancy a G and Tea?

These elegant bottles contain a specially hand-blended mix of organic black tea and botanicals - and comes with a collectable recipe card - so you can brew an Earl Grey thoroughly for grown-ups. Just pick up your favourite gin, follow Pooka's guide, and enjoy this classic tea with a party twist.

Ingredients: Black tea; Bergamot; Cornflower petals

Each bottle is 500ml, so makes up 500ml of Earl Grey-infused gin - how many drinks you get out of that depends on how strong you like your measures! Please note, this does NOT contain alcohol; the gin element of the cocktail is up to you.

Artwork is by Mr Lucian, a UK-based artist who illustrates his own world of sexy monsters and super creeps. He can be found at: http://www.mrlucian.com