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Lemon And Ginger Iced Tea Cocktail Kit

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Image of Lemon And Ginger Iced Tea Cocktail Kit
  • Image of Lemon And Ginger Iced Tea Cocktail Kit

Lemon and ginger might be good for colds, but this is a cocktail designed for sweet summer days with a spicy kick. These elegant bottles contain a specially-blended mix of black tea, real ginger pieces and lemon botanicals, that are just what the doctor (should) order. Just pick up your favourite vodka, follow Pooka's guide, and enjoy this classic tea with a party twist.

Ingredients: Black tea; Dried pineapple; Lemongrass; Ginger pieces; Calendula; Sunflower petals.

Each bottle is 500ml, so makes up 500ml of Lemon & Ginger-infused vodka - how many drinks you get out of that depends on how strong you like your measures! Please note, this does NOT contain alcohol; the vodka element of the cocktail is up to you.

Artwork is by Mr Lucian, a UK-based artist who illustrates his own world of sexy monsters and super creeps. He can be found at: http://www.mrlucian.com